Wallet Update

Today we present a new Version of our IoP Wallet, with new added checkpoints for even faster synchronisation.

Just a little update in preparation for the upcoming months.

The downloads could be found here:

Windows (x64) Setup / Windows (32 Bit) Setup


Complete list of binaries on github (ARM, etc.)

7 Antworten auf „Wallet Update“

  1. Good afternoon ! Tell me please, with the help of an interpreter, I realized that there was a split in the community. But I did not understand because of this split the coin (IOP) would die? Thanks for your reply

    1. Hi, no – off course not – Yes it could be a bit hard to understand the project history if you haven’t heard about Fermat or IoP earlier (maybe at the beginning of 2017) but I hope this http://iop-blog.com/?p=256 article will explain what you didn’t understood. IoP the token won’t split or anything else – we just have made a community takeover (if would like to name it this way) because of a lot of trouble with the old core team. But this all happened more than 3 (!) months ago. So you won’t have to worry about the past – Just enjoy the future with us =)
      Cheers MiningSev0

  2. Thanks for your reply! Then explain to me why there are still no working sites on CoinMarketCap where people could see and invest in the project? I learned about this site by accident! How can a global project develop if it does not have publicity?

    1. Let’s say you could see it as you are very lucky to find us before October.
      In October we will pay coinmarketcap for further marketing – but right now they seem to be not very interested in updating everything in their listing.
      Coinmarketcap is very slow when it comes to such things and there is no way for us to edit data there, only the owners of coinmarketcap are able to do so.
      Coinmarketcap is not the only reference at all, but we already got it on screen and be sure that in the future this would get changed.

  3. Thanks for your reply ! To date, CoinMarketCap is the most visited crypto-currency site. All other information sites are rather less public in nature. I am from russia. I can say that obsalyutno all video clips and even media reports including state television when they talk about crypto currency refer to this site. You can even try to look for your coin in google and you will see that almost nothing is heard about it or all information is obsolete. I want to know whether a new site will be created or if the old one is supporting many languages ​​so that I do not have to use an interpreter. The translator does not always translate the information correctly.

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