The the actual marketcap on CMC is wrong

Surely most of you are surprised about the low position of IoP on Coinmarketcap.

But the calculation is done wrong.

It’s a long story about the old Fermat founder of which we the IoP community were borne like a Phoenix out of the ashes. But in a short: He told coinmarketcap (nobody really understands why) to do the calculation not like they normally do it.

If you calculate our market cap right, you get something like you can see on WorldCoinIndex.

As you can see our market cap is even bigger than the market capitalization of Dogecoin.

But they are also wrong.

If you take a look into our Blockchain explorers you will see that we have a current total supply of ~2.35 Million IoPs.

Calculation example:

2.35M x 0.00055 BTC = 1292,5 BTC

1292,5 BTC at 4000 $ gets a Market Cap with 5.17 M$

Those 500k additional tokens are from the old Fermat founding times. But they are locked.

The complete original sheet with the locked Tokens could be found here.

That means that no one even the private key owner could spend them until a predefined time.

Also that angel investors bought them at a rate of 12 $ per coin.

(Update 23.09.2017) Our listing have finally been updated

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