Full Node =! Full Node on the IoP Network

By watching the stats of my blog I noticed a lot of people reading the old articles about how to install a full node for IoP.

Because of our approaching „Mercury“ release – I would like to inform yourself that the token node (Previously known as: IoP Token Server) full node is only one piece of a real IoP Full Node that is needed as backbone for our network and our upcoming apps.

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Get your mining licence now!

(Update 10.12.2017) As just now noticed – This Article is heavily outdated:
To get a mining licence and become a chapter leader you should go to our discord and introduce you – and if theres the country is left in which you live you probably could become a a chapter, and also become a licence.

But currently we are in a transition phase and until that is over – wer just don’t accept any new chapters.
But of course you are allways welcome to contribute (maybe even on a „payed per job“ base).

Meet us on discord:

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IoP Connect – Die (echte!) Peer2Peer Chat App

Heute stelle ich euch unsere neueste Entwicklung vor, die „IoP Connect“ App für Android.

IoP Connect wird das private Kommunikation revolutionieren, da die Kommunikation beider Gesprächspartner, über das Internet, direkt abläuft. Das heißt kein Server (der irgendwelche „angeblich verschlüsselten“ Daten für euch weiterleitet) steht zwischen dir und deinem Gesprächspartner. „IoP Connect – Die (echte!) Peer2Peer Chat App“ weiterlesen