IoP will be Hydra’s first implementation

After several months of joint work, on October 1st at 0 o’clock the Libertaria Project was finally launched, a project founded by Markus Maiwald, the former community administrator of the Fermat Project, now the IoP Community.

This project has brought together a large number of talents from different parts of the world, developers, mathematicians, investors, system architects and designers, who jointly present to us today their main projects, which will help the easy creation of decentralized communities, in particular I already have mine ready to use Libertaria, a Learning community.


Mercury lays the foundation for the peer-to-peer economy with an innovative network and communication layer for direct communication and transactions via apps.


Along with this software infrastructure, we have also developed Titania, a secure, smartphone-sized hardware node that provides safe and private access to the network.


Hydra introduces a new kind of blockchain protocol. A federated chain system provides the security of a global network while minimizing the scaling problems.

Fides & Themis

Themis will provide trustless dispute and settlement technologies based on smart contracts, while our Fides subproject is developing technologies like identity and reputation that will enable trustless systems to replace central authorities.

There are several projects that Libertaria will support with this technology; the first of them will be our Internet Of People Project, followed by PIVX, IPFS and Komodo among others.

Internet of People will be the first implementation of Hydra, which will help us reach more quickly to achieve our goal of create an open and free social graph, with direct access to people and direct device to device communication.

This is just the beginning, our plans are in progress, this week will be great things, stay tuned.

What is the state of development (also a preview of the new logo)

Our plans

Who we are behind this project

One of our goals

The temporary website (the new one is coming this week)

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