How to create a (token-only) Full-Node under Windows?

(Dieser Artikel ist von mir für unsere internationalen Freunde übersetzt worden, er ist selbstverständlich auch auf Deutsch verfügbar)

First you have to download the IoP-Core Wallet for your Operating-System (32 or 64 Bit).

Windows x64 | Windows 32

Now install the Wallet as usually.

Now, you have to open the port „4877“ in the Windows-Firewall.

Therefore please open the Advanced Settings of the Windows Firewall in the Control Panel.

Now open on the left side the „Inbound Roules“ and click on the right side on „New inbound Rule“. Create here a new Inbound Rule for Port „4877“, but pay attention to select „Allow the connection“ and activate the Rule in all Types of Networks. Also you could give your new Rule a name.

Then you have to do this again with the „Outbound Rules“.

Now you could setup your wallet so that it would be started automatically when your system is booted.

Now you have to close your Wallet to create the Config-File. Therefore you have to open the hidden-directory „Appdata“.

Now create the file „IoP.conf“ with the notepad, with this content:










And finally save it as „IoP.conf“ in the directory we’ve searched before.

Now you could start your Wallet again, and finally after a full sync of the Blockchain – you got a full node.

This Tutorial has been written for a hosted Server, if you would install you Full-Node at home, you also have to open the Port in your Router.

Infos how to do this, you should easily find by a short google search with the keywords „Portforwarding Fritzbox“ (Fritzbox have to be your Router-Name).

Have fun, and thank you for Supporting the Fermat-Network.