Get your mining licence now!

As you allready should have read in my previous posting our complete mining process has been cleaned up from the rubbish of the old fermat-times.
Now we also have got a cleaned mining sheet where just (still) active chapters are mentioned.
So there’s enough room for growth.
We are searching for everyone who’s intrested to join us – no matter if you are a dev or just good in social media – if your country isn’t listed in the sheet – get your mining licence now!
If you want to join us and get you own mining licence – no problem just write to our Community Leader „dwk“ in our Mattermost (Slack alternative).

Internet of People Community – Mattermost

How to get a your address whitelisted for mining?

  • Claim a chapter in a state / country that is open
  • Enter your name and a valid contact email address
  • Operate a marketing channel (like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Blog, Website) in your country language
  • Post regular news about IoP in your country language
  • Download the latest version of the wallet and generate an IoP address
  • Operate a FullNode (instructions follow in September)
  • Mining must be active (active means: you must find at least one block within 4 weeks) This is only a intermediate stage. We are working on a community voting system. From then on, the community decides which addresses will be whitelisted and which will be not.

Link to the original Mining-Sheet

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