Full Node =! Full Node on the IoP Network

By watching the stats of my blog I noticed a lot of people reading the old articles about how to install a full node for IoP.

Because of our approaching „Mercury“ release – I would like to inform yourself that the token node (Previously known as: IoP Token Server) full node is only one piece of a real IoP Full Node that is needed as backbone for our network and our upcoming apps.

A real full node would have to run several services like:

  • a https-webserver
  • a decentralised storage system comparable to Storj.io – but linked to our decentralised web servers and or messaging client
  • of course our IoP Token Node
  • the decentralised DNS we use to find each other for a direct p2p communication via our IoP Connect app
  • And also a micropayment reward system for running a full node (yes – you read correctly – you get rewarded just for running a full node!)

This all sounds very complicated for now – sure – but we will deliver some nice HowTos and tutorials for setting up your real full node right at home on a tiny device.

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