Explanation of the old split of IoP-Community and Fermat

If you are new to our Project – I’m shure you are a bit confused about Fermat, IoP and why there are so much dead Websites, but also such an active community.

The answer is that the founder of Fermat turned out to be a scammer, not the angel investors (that were blindly investing in the great idea) nor the community. But the Founder Louis Molina made everthing just for his own profits, also he lied to everybody and even didn’t payed the devs.

After the community got behind this we splitted up from the „Fermat Project“ – We that means most of the community believing in this great idea of a free and fully decentralized infrastructure for services and payments.

This all happened around 4 Months ago.

Here you could find all the details about this.

The complete Independence Declaration of the IoP-Community

The statement from the old Fermat founder

Old german article from me about the Community Independence Declaration

IoP Community

Independency Declaration

With this document the IoP Community containing Chapters of different countries, long-standing developers and other community members declare independence from the “Fermat Project” and its founders that started to develop an Internet of People but failed to reach their goals and keep their promises.

In this document we will explain why we decided to part from the “Fermat Project” together as a community.

“Over the last weeks, there has been increasing dispute between the community of the Internet of People and the Leader of the Fermat Project.The community explicitly disagrees with the proposed restructuring of the Chapters and the license model, so we decided it is best to go our separate ways.”

-@anfauglith on the Internet of People repository-

Cause of dissatisfaction with the Fermat Project

One of the always upcoming problems that the IoP Community sees in the Fermat Project is the fact that there has been a horrendous sum of premined tokens distributed. The IoP Community understands where this decision has come from in the early stages. There have been people working hard for the vision of an Internet of People and deserved their fair share. But what is not understandable, is the fact that over 1 Million IoP tokens (out of a total of 1.6 Million Tokens available) are in the hands of two people, which are Luis Molina and Lan Tschirky (initial payment to both in total was approximately 1.3 Million IoP tokens).

There has been a promise that these Tokens will be used for the forthcoming of the project.Up until now a great majority of these tokens are still in the hands of the above mentioned people. From a community standpoint this can be considered as a threat to the network.

Apart from that, the IoP Community had been witness to continuous unfair and unethical handling of committed developers, designer and the community as a whole. Promises and agreements have been broken and developers and other community members with responsibility have been threatened after not complying to certain wishes of the Fermat Founder. We have recognized that Markus Maiwald, our former community manager, has been accused of starting a “coupe d’etat”. This is not only ridiculous but also a false accusation.The IoP Community is fed up with dictatorial decision making and is explicitly parting from the Fermat Project because of that reason.

Furthermore, since the beginning of this project there has been insufficient management of

development, resource allocation and planning.Up until today there has never been a clear, elaborate Roadmap about how the project could achieve the goal of building an Internet of People. Working on a nicely written vision doesn’t bring progress. Management decision have been made on an ad hoc basis, which is fine in a problem situation. But not as basis for proper management. As a solution to this management problem the Founder, Luis Molina, officially stepped back from his duties as a project manager and a replacement was announced. This replacement has never visibly taken place and the founder continues to make decision without the consent of the Community. This also leads to the main cause for the declaration of an independence of the Fermat Project.

Some days ago there has been an announcement that the Chapters are being imposed to become development hubs for the Fermat Projects. Open source apps should be taken and transformed into Internet of People apps. For those who know the Community structure quite well this is an impossible call, since the great majority of Chapter membersare non-developers, don’t have any relationships with available developers or miss funds to pay these developers.

Another major point of the reconstruction of the Chapters lies in the revoking of multiple Mining licenses. There was the suggestion to just allow one Mining license per Chapter which is, after the continuous mining problems that the chapters experienced, a ridiculous ,claim.

In addition, a Chapter App which would have made the whole licensing process decentralized and would have erased single points of failures, had been promised a long time ago but was never delivered and the trials of the community were prevented by taking the task out of their hands. After the community manager made contact with developers who would be willing to build a chapter, the Founder intervened and wanted to have a word in the development. In consequence the development would have been not affordable and the app has not been developed.

To sum all of this up, the IoP Community decided to make the Internet of People a truly independent, self-governing and decentralized project of their own. Everybody who wants to participate as one under equal community members is invited to join us and make the vision of the Internet of People come true.

At the moment the IoP Community is in a self preserving mode which lead to a closing of the former Fermat Community Slack and the deactivation of certain accounts. Furthermore, the former official “Fermat” social media accounts have been transformed to the official “IoP Community” social media accounts and have been handed over to the IoP Community, as well as the administration of the former Fermat Community Slack.

Once again, we invite everyone who is interested in a truly decentralized organization of thisproject to participate in achieving to build the Internet of People. A place for people made by people.

written by IoPCommunity

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