Don’t get fooled by FUDsters

If maybe IoP is your first contact to cryptocurrencies or just the first project in crypto that makes you more intrested, you maybe will stumble very soon over something we (the old dogs in crypto would definitely know what i mean) can’t ignore, but we something we can fight.

What I’m speaking about is „FUD„.

Fear, uncertainty and doubt

Having unregulated markets is a very good thing for every trader or investor. But for non properly and well informed people it is sometimes very hard to understand what are legit informations and what information aren’t.

FUD are the Fake-News for the profit of one or more individuals

But if you see FUD, mostly it’s not a bad sign – it means you/your project reached a higher level of attraction to bigger inventors. Even those who spread the FUD to get an unfair advantage.

Look on the recent bitcoin news: even JPMorgan probably could have used FUD to buy in Bitcoin at a low rate.

Or This example in IoP:

So Everytime you get „insider information“ or „warnings“ or just informations that should create some feeling about a coin or a project – inform yourself before acting without using your own brain and investigations. Don’t spread the so called „news“ – comment them.

Don’t get fooled – It’s a wild world here in crypto – don’t scream for regulation – keep calm and act wisely – use your brain and you will profit.

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